A world of mutual trust

Better Open Network
The most powerful infrastructure for distributed trust systems.

System Instructions

What is better open network

The BON has introduced a new blockchain structure to achieve complete decentralization. For distributed applications, BON provides accounts, permissions, databases, asynchronous communication, etc. Developers can flexibly allocate CPU, memory, bandwidth and other resources according to the needs of distributed applications, realizing zero cost for users and flexible deployment by developers.

Distributed Trust Systems

The blockchain creates a new era of enhanced trust by providing better connectivity and trading methods with greater transparency, security and efficiency.

Make Everything Simple

High-cost enterprise-level blockchain technology has been proved to be difficult to apply in a wide range of user-oriented application scenarios. BetterChain has changed the application model of blockchain technology in business.

For Enterprise

Better Open Network is designed for the shared IT industry and adheres to strict standards. It combines new technologies with traditional business demands to dramatically improve business processing efficiency.


Supports thousands of DApps for business use, efficient communication mechanisms, and separation of permissions from executions.


Flexible applications development environment, and generalized role-based permissions Web Assembly.


Web toolkit for interface development, robust service system, and perfect technical support.

Value Of BON

Trust Value

BON's accounting model is based on blockchain, and the highly decentralized ledger protects BON's property security. Each transaction can be queried and verified on blockchain, no need for extra endorsement.

Efficiency Value

BON's high performance brings high efficiency value, transaction speed of 3000-5000 tps makes BON easy to circulate in the community.

Exchange For Compute Resource

BON holders can mortgage BON to rent high-quality computing resources in the whole network for decentralized service construction, run their own DAPP, and establish exclusive traffic channels in the community.

Value Expectation

BON could be owned by various methods, such as become our producer nodes to provide server resource, providing content resource for community, or developing DAPPs based on the blockchain. The difficulty of getting the BON will increase with development of the community.

Service Resource

BON will launch a large number of high-quality DAPPs, including communication, social, games, e-commerce, information, travel, reading and other categories. BON holders will be able to use BON to exchange a large number of different DAPPs to obtain high quality services, and provide convenient life and production.

Huge Demand

Due to the limited circulation of BON and the decrease in the number of daily distributions, DAPP operators require more BONs to acquire computing resources. Users need more BONs to purchase value-added services. The community realizes value enhancement and mutual benefit under the high demand of BON.


There are more possibilities for BON's new community and trusted interaction model, and we are looking forward to your participation and exploration.

Community Governance Participation

BON holders are eligible to question and amend the governance charter in the community. If the opinions are approved by the majority of the community, the proposal can take effect immediately, and the proposer will receive certain rewards.


Realization Value


BON obtains the growth curve of difficulty coefficient

Blockchain decentralized application

Decentralized social media

A encrypted communications app based on BON. End-to-end encrypted communication provides protection for your private instant messaging. At the same time, the Stories content sharing platform shows you a better life. And authors can be motivated by your like and comments on the content on Stories. In Better, you can confidently manage your own accounts and explore more distributed applications.

Decentralized exchange

A decentralized exchange that seeks to improve the liquidity of crypto-assets that’s more transparent and secure than the centralized counterparts currently in the market today. Its core is based on the BON Blockchain Library that’s highly efficient and secure, able to scale up to over 100,000 trades per second with its distinctive consensus mechanisms.

Decentralized application development environment

The online development environment helps you develop smart contracts, code, test, build, deploy to BON testnet and provide git service.

Talking encrypted electronic pet

Genius is an intelligent electronic playmate. You can collect and sell your pets. Each pet has its own genes. You have a unique playmate. Because Genius is based on the BON blockchain, it is extremely secure and can be safely collected. At the same time, you can train your offspring pets with two pets.

Longevity drug discovery based on artificial intelligence

Elixirs is an artificial intelligence system for drug discovery based on deep learning related techniques that the computing power is provided from nodes in a blockchain network. Elixirs collects medical data from all users, the data will be desensitized without invasion of privacy, and will provide certain tokens to users who provide data.

Decentralized e-commerce

Convenient personal preference recommendation system and clear keyword shopping navigation system that solve the problem of guiding in e-commerce and improve customer traffic conversion rate. Decentralized online transactions are implemented based on the BON blockchain to ensure the security and trustworthiness of transactions.